IMG_6151Woad Spindle is rooted in the exploration of creating art fiber and bespoke wearables from raw natural fiber and dyes. There is a cyclic quality to building a palette of colors and textures, mixing the fibers and then spinning and weaving them into shape.

The knit and woven finished objects are a mix of reclaimed luxury fiber yarns and my own handspun. Each is unique because I don’t follow any specific pattern unless I’m trying to repeat something I’ve made in the past.

The handspun starts with raw natural fibers like wool, alpaca and silk, minimally processed then dyed and blended together into a melange of colors and textures. The base of each micro-batch is a super soft combination of Colorado alpaca and rescue wool from the sheep at Homestead Wool and Gift Farm in Monroe, Wisconsin. Its a mixed flock, so I’m often able to purchase heritage breed fleeces and other interesting fibers like curly horsefiber and llama. Any silk is either tussah or reclaimed.

The dye process has evolved to include low impact synthetic dyes, natural dyes and locally foraged plant dyestuffs like sage, coreopsis and rabbitbrush. The result is a fine gauge, eco-ethical art yarn like nothing anybody else makes.


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